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September 26, 2011
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Rooth overlooked the small marketplace, a little something that popped up ever few weeks or so with the local fruits and produce of the area. It wasn't the largest nondescript town, or the smallest, but a thankful oasis of food and drink that he hadn't come across in a few days now. Perusing with Aram, the green dragoness took off, eyes caught by her favorite fruit. Rooth's eyes were caught to a table of half-assembled shiny whatchamahavits, haphazardly thrown onto a reddish tablecloth and generally attended by a fluffy canine something or other with a yellow half of an apron on. The nametag said "Rei"

"REI, my good something or other" Rooth started as the dog shuddered in attention, main focus still on the gadget in her hands, with a quick glance to the dragon, then to it's wings, then back to the task at hand. Rooth continued, "What a fine selection of.... of... trinkets?"

"They're not trinkets" Rei spoke quickly, peering into the open space of the machine in her hands< "They're sophistacated something or others. Can't you read the sign?"

Rooth looked to the sign above her head, tilting his slightly to the side. 'Sofistamacated Something or others for sale" he noticed the extra two boards stapled to the side to accomidate such a long name. Looking back to the canine, he leaned in a little.

"So, what do they do?" He asked. Rei immediately perked up.

"This one makes jam. Though you need patience because it works slow; this one winds your clock for you, while this one decides the pair of shoes you should wear to---" The dog stopped, looking around quickly, " Where's the nailpolish stirring machine?"


"Machine, about this tall" She held up the machine in her hands as it was exactly that tall, "This wide, and looks just like this one, except it's got a mark of nail polish on the side" Rooth noticed the mark of nailpolish on the side opposite the dog's sight.

"It's...right there"

"You stole it!" The dog slammed it's hands down, breaking the machine in the process on accident. She seemed completely unaware this had happened. "You stole my invention, you flying jerk!"

Rooth started to panic, taking a step from the table,

"It's right there! I swear! You just broke it!"

"Don't blame this on me, thief!" Rei raised her voice," THIEF. TTTTHIIIIEEEF"

Rooth backed away, the vengeful and easily swayed eyes of the people around him were focused on his guilty looking self. He put his palms up, showed that he was innocent, that he didn't have anything on him that would be from the deranged canine. Looking back to the stand, the attendant was gone.

Before he knew better, something punched him hard in the left eye. Rooth braced an arm to push away what he found to be the canine, rolling her wrist out and cocking back for another punch. Frustrated and seemingly outnumbered, the dragon stumbled some steps back, turning from the crowd to bolt away. The dog was quick on his heels. What would he do? How would he get away from this psycho mutt?

Duh. Wings. Rooth opened his massive wings and took to the sky, one heavy flap to push him from the ground. Something snagged his tail, the dog grabbing tough onto the thinnest part above the floof.

"You think that since you've got wings you're gonna get away?" The dog grinned, quickly grabbing with her other hand as the dragon shook it's tail back and forth trying to break free. "Iii--i-i-i-'m not ttttttttttthat easssy to get rid offffff!" Rooth narrowed his gaze, flying for the only tallish buildings in the area, using more skill and brain matter to figure a way to rid himself of this instance. A sharp pain suddenly hit him.

"Hey! Don't bite my tail!"
"Gimmie back my jam machine!"

"That's not even the right.... you broke it, you idiot!" the biting suddenly stopped.

"I did?" Rei caught sight of the building ahead; she knew the area well enough, knew this was her only chance to corner this bloody thief. She just hoped the rest of her stand and her box of money wasn't getting ransacked while she was away.

Dragging her feet she kicked into a crevice, halting the chase with a sickening pull; The dragon's forward momentum instantly stopped as Rooth dropped through the space between the four buildings. The clotheslines appeared like musical bars full of underwear, rugs and shirts as the short canine was quick after him, diving down the hole. She kicked from the sides, pushing faster to catch up with the falling dragon; claws around a clotheslines she managed to punch him once more in the other eye, the white and blue dragon now sporting a set of black eyes. The dog snorted at the dragon in defiance, hanging there tiredly.

That'd teach him to steal her shoe-picking machine.


Commission for :iconrooth: The short version of this story is that he has a project where artists provide random pages of a comic that will be linked up later, I chose from a list of pages the one that said (rooth getting punched in the face) and couldn't say no. :D The story was fun to write.

Commissions be closed! Arrrr!
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MSDrest Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, just found you on Anthro-Junkies, glad I did, you do great work!
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks very much! :)
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So... Rei isn't that bright? I don't get it.
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It's not a serious image, you don't have to get it.
Temeraire Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I get the image, just not the backstory. :)
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Well the backstory I was just kinda asked to generate outta nothing. Write something to go along with the picture, so that later on it could be tied together in some way
Temeraire Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah all right, sorry for the confusion
Traediras Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Poor Rooth :C
MadMeeper Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011  Student Filmographer
Awesome! I love the perspective and the details! Like the scales and fuzz of the towel~ And the dragon's hair, that's really awesome too. :'D
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