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Caelum Sky Ch. 35

"You cowards!" I yelled out, staggering back and forth like I was drunk. Lurching in my broken, crippled body I heard him yell again, panicking. "Let me go!" I coughed out hollowly, body still aching, sick. Hearing nothing but deafening silence, nothing but the ebb and flow of time, I reared up, charging towards the barrier once more, using the Colus for whatever it had left, whatever progress in healing I'd made.  Instantly it threw me back against the wall, which threw me back into the center.  Those pitiful cowards, those deceitful assholes!  Keeping me tied away, making me listen to Raziel be torn apart by his own kind.  This was all kinds of sick; I'd fight in this slack body with every pained, goat-like breath I had left in me.

Shakily gathering to my feet, I ran full steam at the barrier, thrust more violently around the room, blood trailing after me. My body was spasming, struggling and twitching, head aching once more. Nona's voice was suddenly there, eagerly kicking at me, rooting me on.

"Keep going! Keep doing it!" She said. Letting out a battle charge I hit that barrier, again and again, screwing up my body's systems and seeing things in weird shades of pink one hit, blue the next.  All around me blood was strewn, splattered, that same area where the barrier kicked me to coated the walls.  Arms and legs shaking, body pitifully shuddering out, trying to understand, trying to regulate itself I pushed harder, stumbling, struggling to my feet time after time. Thrown back once more, my head knocked against the floor, coughing as I slumped there. No, not yet, I wouldn't give up! Gritting my teeth I aimed from the back corner, hunching, snarling and growling.  They would not keep me locked away like this!  I heard Raziel again, yelping out in pain.  I bayed as loudly as possible, this tormented, struggling sound of desperation resonating within these tiny walls. I darted; I charged at that barrier, connecting wholey. I wasn't pushed away.  I stayed up right against it, feet kicking out from under me a few at a time,  head buzzing, swirling and shocking violently while colored streaks of light darted in arcs from my head. I shoved against that barrier harder, pushing with everything I had until it felt like the energy would tear me in two.

"Wait….wait….." Nona's voice was growing softer, "Wait…wait….wait….…almost….yes!" She laughed out loud as I suddenly responded; my vision changed, doubling before coming together quickly.  My body went live.  Active.

My mind lit up, eyes going wide as the last bits of my soul melded together, as that black smoke shot through the barrier at the cracks around my face, gathered and encased me in its blessed darkness.  In that proverbial world of my body being like a car, everything started up, the lights rose, illuminating every square inch of my own mind. It was tricked out, working together, coming together as the seal they put on the Colus cracked, as the energy shattered the barrier. There was a heavy thumping, my heart, stretching out, working as it originally did at the size it was made to be; growing as I did it pulled the very edges of myself, still pushing against that door. With one last disgruntled shove I snapped through, launching from the room it felt like I was pumped full of energy, like every sinew, every base of myself awoke and was vibrantly alive, speaking up once more. The rest of my horns shot back into existence with a painful jab, teeth grew ever lovingly sharper, white fur fell away like  serenely powdered snow.  I could feel myself rise up, bristling with energy, with power, with determination.  Back and forth my eyes tracked, trying to understand, trying to make sense as my hands open and closed on their own. But I was solid once more; no part was unaccounted for, no vapor of an existence lurking around.  I was Nona, formerly Neri, a belligerent soul in a less then pleasant mood. Finally, it call snapped back into place.

The smoke fell away, red nose in view once more curled in that tiny basement, higher than it had ever been by the ground, hunching just to see into the basement instead of towering above it.  I could see four Hayyoth in the living room, new ones, senses picking up the other five outside attacking the angel.  My lips zipped back in an evil, conniving little grin, lips twitching and snarling back in a deep growl. Ebbing with excess energy, I brimmed with all sorts of devious revenge at my fingertips. Not like it was really uncalled for or anything.  

I had a plan, I had an agenda.

"Wrong part of this soul to impersonate" I growled out and took new steps, sizing up the best way to get rid of them as Raziel yelled again,  this time from the backyard.  My tracking eyes stopped cold as they locked on where he would be, head down and abruptly surging forward. My spade-like horns broke through the ceiling of the basement as I charged full at the four there, head low, pulling and tearing up the remnants of the couch, snagging and ripping the chain from the wall. The four Hayyoth scrambled about the tiny basement, collected before my massive horns as I swept them against the concrete, pushing hard with my back legs, gritting my teeth,  we erupted through the side of the house, ripping the entire wall from the cement in the process. The four Hayyoth pinned in front of me and my new, improved, massive moose-ish horns scattered  them about with the rest of the debris, house growling, moaning out,  tilting onto its side and as I made my grand entrance back into the world. Tall enough to look into the second story windows, strong enough to hold it over my head; no kidding I was a force to be reckoned with. It was a ticklingly wonderful change of pace.

They stopped, all five of them, Raziel stopped too, holding his arms as they were bitten up and bleeding.  Twitching my neck I was swiftly barreling straight for the whole lot, forehead smashing into one's hindquarters and flipping it away; with an open mouth I bit onto the other, shifting my charge in the tiniest bit to avoid Raziel altogether, stepping around him gingerly. Snapping my head back I ripped a hole into the one, chucking it's carcass across the fence to skitter onto the street.  With a thundering growl I sensed more of them, springing on my heels as they all collected near the broken, busted house.  The inside seemed to spit and divide with Hayyoth, coming from the room, pulling from the walls, seeping from the sky out of thin air.  There must've been twenty that popped up in those few seconds. Wriggling over one another like an angelic pile of live bait, they hissed and growled at a tone that was once mine. I'd outgrown them.

They'd found us. This was them opposing us. I laughed, pulling back on Raziel slightly with careful claws.

"Please tell me that's you" He hissed quickly. I snarled happily full of vinegar and a streamlined conscious.   Glaring back to the half-demolished house, the Hayyoth populated the insides of the shell of basement and first floor, swiping, backs curled up like I had done in bluff so many times. They stretched farther towards me, gingerly reaching out, swiping in attack as more and more formed, tumbling over the one before it.  Mimicking them I planted each foot wide, hunching my back, taking in a deep breath.  Twitching my lip I leaned forwards on my feet. Braced. Readied myself as that surge of energy collected, coursed through my veins, heading for the front, towards my head.  Suddenly that mouth of mine cracked back, wide open as a torrent of light and strings blasted forth, wings flipping open to reach high in the air, stretching out as the area around us erupted in light, ripping away any shadows, any darkness from the night in just that second. The lines, extensions of my tongue best as I could tell, zipped back and forth, slicing whatever was in the immediate path. The house. All the Hayyoth.  The force of the blast pushed me backwards, tail whipping around to brace to the ground as my forelimbs were pulled away, provide backup as my eyelids fluttered, draining a huge amount of my ever-replenishing energy. The edges of my lips curled into a smile, just slightly.

Neck arching back my jaws snapped shut, light blinking and receding from the area, house gone.  Behind the lot stood a spread of littered bricks, bits of windows, bits of Hayyoth. There was a small amount of damage to the other houses, but nothing serious, no other injuries. It was a very precise attack, like this at least.  I fell back down to all fours, stumbling on my feet to hold my head up high, snorting at them once.  My wings folded back by my side, taking a few relaxed breathes; they weren't done. Not by a long shot.  From those same ruins, those same grounds they started to re-assemble, new Hayyoth, not the old ones. Heaven knew where I was, and twenty - nine fakie look-alikes was not the way they'd retaliate. It'd only been wave 1.

The sky around us echoed in chatter from the air all around us, a twitching, chittering, snapping assembly of these annoying sub-copies, flurrying back together. Hundreds of them; more, patterns only a second thought now as everything was a sickeningly pristine white.  Every place I could see had these assembling beasts, florets of white fur gathering in driving masses, clamoring to come together fast enough. Pulling from dead air, from the ground, the sky, everywhere in between, they meant to just overrun us in these damn things. Snorting again I turned back to Raziel who blankly stared at the house, mouth agape. Licking my thumb, I planted it straight on his forehead before he could protest, a seal, a barrier type of deal of my own, something that'd protect and serve as his own little means of independence as long as it wasn't wiped off. My thumb nearly covered his face.

Sputtering, he brought a hand up to wipe the spit from his head, "Don't."  Raziel stopped mid air, looking to me with a slightly spastic glare, then to the Hayyoth around us.

I tried subconsciously to get back to my regular body, not stuck in the Colus; something I normally reserved for the direst of all situations, even with the entire field of vision covered in these Hayyoth, there was still worse.  But I couldn't budge; I may have gotten out of the little holy goat version, but I was still crippled in some ways. I knew people that could fix that, though.  He looked at me one last time shaking his head, tiny compared to how big I was now, barely coming up to my forearm.

"'Grand finale of changes' my ass." He charged forward, bowie knives in hand into the first mess of Hayyoth. I wasn't far behind, lowering my head and showing off my full snazzy horns, not only longer than the others, but at least five times as heavy as it spread out in a spade-like scoop.  Fingers gripping into the dirt and debris, with the Hayyoth now completely surrounding us in a snarling, horrible fluffy white mess, I charged, head towards the ground, coming up behind Raziel rather quickly. With a short nudge I scooped him up with the side of my right horn, flinging him into the mess further, shooting him into the air as I charged beneath, jutting off in a different direction with a giddy laugh.

The place tumbled with gratuitous violence. Charging into the hoard of snapping, gnashing teeth they bit at me, scratched at me, took chunks out of me as I only pushed on, mauling and maiming anyone in my path.  I opened my wings full out and kept them low to the ground, clipping and busting over anyone unfortunate enough to stay in the way, taking out a huge wedge of the 'Yoth in the process. I couldn't get over how much fun this was in the most basic of ways. I stopped in the middle of all of them, wings straight up, roaring out my challenge. The car alarms in the area began to ring out, buildings shaking.  After all this time of worrying, of fear, of anxiety and shame, this was nothing to be ashamed of. Unnatural in a humanistic way, my god, sure; but in this after-death race to be born again, to make a difference, to be a part of it, I practically lead the pack.  A part of me mourned the loss of my sincere respect for every living and non-living thing, not that I lost it, precedence just took more importance in my life, in what I had to do, who I had to protect. But this, fighting against an unlimited mass of angelic beings who were essentially fighting, shell-like beings with barely enough sentience to finish a paragraph, this was just plain fun.  Sizing them up, eyeing the lot of them as they crept closer, I made the first move.

Grabbing the Hayyoth closest to me, one bit onto my leg; taking a step back I got a hold of his tail, ripping him to spin him out to the side, knocking more over in the process.  Jumping back my tail whipped around, clipping a few more, landing on top of some others and kicking out the three directly behind me.  Snarling I bit into the Hayyoth just off to my left, snapping my head back and forth. There was a Hayyoth suddenly on my shoulder, I shoved off with all four legs, rolling mid-air to crush him beneath my own weight on the ground,  pushing back up with my other wing to swing be back onto my feet. Grinning some more I charged ahead, throwing my head this way and that, the hollow sound of bodies and bones bouncing off my antler-like horns. One latched onto my tail and no sooner that he did was getting whipped about like a mace, while my front half was busy mowing through anyone stupid enough to come forward.

  My heart was pounding in my ears, a strange, steady beat, laying heavy base down to my little tirade. A smirk, I snapped the Hayyoth from my tail, sweeping around once more, wings bouncing, feet picking up a little differently, almost dancing as I charged about, smiling the whole time.

Twisting to hop to my back feet only I flapped my wings out slowly, spinning and knocking Hayyoth after Hayyoth over, hopping about on one foot back like a rehearsed dance. This body was so much more coordinated, more in control, not lanky and strange like my demisilo one had been. I actually felt like I could pilot this one respectfully, correctly, not ambling around in strange, cracked and confusing patterns, hoping for the best.  There was a lot to explain, a lot of apologies I had to make, that unfortunately the things I had been angry at as a splintered soul still held grief and were understandably true.  Things had been planned. Things that I hated Cempe for, she had helped in so many ways, done things she normally would never do, all for my sake. Still, my sister was not a person of tact.

Looking up and over the rest of the demisilo rejects around me,  I saw Raziel involved in another squirreling Hayyoth pile, not far away in the sea of white angelic weeds, fluffy white hair matched with angry, snarling eyes, wanting our blood. This was getting out of hand. They… this wouldn't end, they weren't hoping a few would do the job, this wasn't carefully planned;   they were just sending as many as they could make with no regard for anyone else, trying to overwhelm us.  We needed to leave.

Something suddenly plowed into my head, claws raking across my horns pitifully and throwing me off balance, knocking my face towards the ground. This was a familiar feeling; snarling I whipped one wing out at it, knocking the cherub away, smack it into crowded air. Two Hayyoth suddenly latched onto my wings, trying to rip them from their sockets. Unable to pull them back in, make them disappear they were stuck withdrawn, doggish mini-neri's tugging, stripping the flesh away. Yeah, this was definitely getting out of hand.

I did the best I could to push them away, grab and rip the little suckers from the places they  managed to leech onto, to protect myself from the armada of cherubs at the same time.  We needed to leave, pronto. It was just plain frustrating now.

"Neri!" Raziel yelled out over the gurgling, growling masses, voice risen in worry. One cherub was flying straight at me, claws outstretched, trying to inflict major wounds; at roughly 5 times the size of the Hayyoth, they were my only real concern. It screamed, darting, all four wings flared out at that last second, that madness, that insane need to kill to maim and take down their prey. Hunched low I leapt up at it, scattering the rest below me as they tumbled, skittering over me.  With one outstretched hand I smacked it's head away, lunging deep and ripping out the whole lower vocal system in one swing like I had done before I scrambled onto its shoulders,  scrambling to pull myself away from the  waves of angry she-clones of yesteryear. Launching from it and flapping my wings once I let the cherub carcass drop away, diving towards the only other confused, angry mass of violence.  Aiming, calculating, I could see him, still fighting, bloodied, my protection wiped away.  In a sort of loose, hunched dive I  flopped straight for him, putting my head down , slamming back into the ground, arms at my side, crushing anyone underneath me as I skidded those last few yards, took that one half-flighting bound at him.  You could see that sort of questioning ridiculousness, that dubious look of confusion in what the hell I was trying to do in his eyes, belly-flopping form the sky like that.   Something in my head was telling me where to go, and I think I knew where.

Raziel shoved the last Hayyoth away from his arm, untouched by anything, just for a moment as my slide came to a stop, as my nose softly nudged into him, as the two of us evaporated from the scene in an instant, transporting out of that hellish mess.  Gone.

Some seven hundred miles away we popped back into existence, dropping out of thin air about four feet from the ground, thumping onto it with a sickening crunch.  Coughing, gagging and shaking my bloodied self out, I tried to get to my feet, body giving out. I hadn't done that sort of thing in some time, hadn't moved myself in this large, almost obnoxious form along with someone else over such a distance. Raziel stumbled back, holding his one bleeding arm, head snapping back and forth in a sense of panic. The tether; he wasn't tied to anything- quickly you could almost see through him, the ex- angel growing transparent, waving his hands at me quickly to get my attention, face wracked in pain. Frowning wearily I only opened my mouth, taking a deeper breath and exhaling my intentions quickly, tether from the previous forms suddenly lighting back into existence, racing like a burning edge as it darted back to him, under his feet. Raziel immediately popped back into clear existence; He jumped straight back, falling back onto the grass like he'd been electrocuted.  

The two of us laid there, labored panting not unlike one another's, staring straight to the empty fields around us and the expansive sky above as the sun rose on this brand spanking new day.

"Grand…finale… my ass…" he said angrily, not moving but still very much alive. I huffed once in a laugh, body drained, exhausted.  It was still a proud sound, still respectable, even as I groaned, bitched and moaned with each breath. They should be any moment now, fix this situation for good, could help. Stupid parts of me believed that everything was my own duty, that I was the only one to rely on . Not true, really;  I knew my mistakes, knew my shortcomings, knew this had all been very informative, inspirational.  It gave me back that drive I knew I lost,  that deep found respect I lost so often. I wasn't a great leader. I wasn't close. But I tried. Someone had to try.  There was a hum suddenly. Resonance.

Raziel shuffled around a little picking up his head as the audible humming grew louder and louder.   "Do…. Do we hide?"

"No. No hiding. Not anymore."  I grumbled with a determined grin, trying to get to my feet, energy already replenishing.  I managed to prop up my upper body as the ground in front of me began to glow, humming shaking the ground around us, fanning out. Raziel sat up, sensing it too.  

"I want that engraved into stone." There was a voice just beneath the earth, glowing illuminating more and more "We'll make a mantel, and that'll be the only thing that hangs over it."  My eyes narrowed as her head poked above the surface, both of them, rising from the ground smoothly like any great zombie movie portrayed. They continued to rise from the soil, gripping their respective weapons like a great homecoming at their full human size, towering over Raziel easily;  Cempe and Aisa. I grinned, happy to see them. Genuinely happy to see them.

"So, oh grand poobah, like I told you fucking forever ago, we ready to end this annoying little mission of yours?"  Cempe tossed her head a little, glare suddenly switching over to Raziel, just off to the right of her gripping onto the ground like it might leave without him. Aisa leaned back a little, joining the stare fest as Cempe jerked a thumb to him. "Still?"

"Just help me get out of this body you pointy pain in the ass." I gritted my teeth; nervous, eyes back to Raziel. We hadn't just met that one time, hadn't lived through just the 1630's together. We'd met more than that, more specifically, we fought from the opposing sides in battle.  I didn't hurt him as we inadvertently met up, I couldn't, but he didn't recognize me. Like I said, Joan and myself related at best like distant cousins; other lives affected my physical appearance, diluted those lines to practically nothing.  I dodged around him in that battle, setting the guy off to curse and insult me. Seriously chew me out. It brought up doubts on just what I was doing, how I saw things; it set off my insane little planning for this whole Neri event. I lowered my head again, averting my eyes from him. I knew where Isabella was. I hadn't just screwed over his life this time either; our histories practically ran alongside one another.

Aisa slapped Cempe on the back enthusiastically; attention drawn away from Raziel as he only looked back and forth between the three of us.

"D'aww, she remembers you!"  Aisa took a few steps closer to me in her normal humanist glory. Two large horns sticking out the back of her head curled around by her face decorated in rings and bands; she was about ten years older then Cempe, who was about ten years older then myself sitting at the youngest of this group. We weren't really sisters, not by blood at least.  Aisa was a little stockier then the rest of us, carrying that heavy, insidious weapon like I had to.  Like half of a pair of cutting sheers, the edge was jagged and sharp, rust dancing about the blade as she herself was decorated in flowing, rusting fabric. She'd been through the least amount of rebirths but held the greatest amount of respect for life, and generally the most maturity. I assumed her age helped with that, though. Young as I was, I couldn't always be that old soul, I was still a teenager under it all. Even with all our titles essentially being lies, there was a bit of truth to each one of us.  

Aisa beckoned a finger for my head as she stood just below me.

"C'mere you behemoth."  She laughed as I complied, still wheezing for breath. As my head got low enough, she slapped the side of it lightly like a pet horse.  "Glad you decided to join us."

"Retirement's not for me." I said, coughing out as she brought that scissor half up to my head, lining for the strike, resting the notched blade between my eyes.

"This is going to hurt like hell." Aisa said quietly.

"I know." I braced up for it, closing my eyes quickly. My eldest sister reared back, slowly, gearing up and saying a few words under her breath, starting the long chant.  This is what I got for spitting so much in God's eye, I guess. Maybe this was my deserved pain and torment that I had been looking for.  A voice suddenly jumped up, effect of shock loosening up finally.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Raziel called out as I opened an eye to the interruption. Don't defend me.  Cempe held the Decempedia across in front him, keeping him back, all joking and humor gone from her face.

"Just sit down and shut up" She growled out; Raziel leaned forewords to shove it away, stopping cold like the devil himself kept him from it. His eyes darted back to me, then back to the measuring stick. "Yeah, I wouldn't touch this one either, meathead" Cempe laughed, sneering as his hands wretched away shakily.  My tail whipped around nervously.

I slowly closed that one eye again as Aisa looked back to me, shaking her head.

"Cempe's been especially cruel since she hasn't had you to beat up."  I spit out something of a scoff. That didn't surprise me.  "Ready?" I nodded. We needed to do this quick, I could feel those heavenly eyes wandering our way; with all three of us gathered here? No kidding they'd pick up on that sort of activity.  I was surprised we had as much time as we did, maybe all their attention directed back at the priests house was slowing their reaction time.  Aisa began to mutter those words again, that old chant as the weapon was held all the way back over her head; the skies began to darken, the light began to wane, fade away as I put as much cushion between my actual self and the Colus.  Sparks, glints of light began to collect on the blade, began to gather on the very edge of it.  An ironic fact that with all that light and darkness talk all being a middle grey in reality, light was the only thing that could really cut through the darkness of the seal.

The light on the Falx, Aisa's weapon, grew brighter and brighter, bits of light and energy zipping to it, gathering and wedging together. The chant ended; stopped as the blade was all the way back, readied.  With a twitched grin she swung the Falx in a quick arc, chopping straight into my own head, embedding itself into the Colus's forehead.  I could feel the blade slice all the way through, painful edge spreading to a sort of warmth. Bright white light streaked over the entire body of the Colus as its skin grew dark, starting to pull away painfully.   Like every hair on my body was aflame, like my skin was getting pulled away from the muscle, the feeling darted quickly to every inch of my body, the Colus nothing but a black shape edged with bleeding veins of light, vaguely what it had been.  Whirring, buzzing and spinning, the pull grew intense and almost unbearable, gritting my teeth. Aisa reared back the Falx again, slamming the blunt end of it into my forehead, breaking the barrier as it all leapt away in a heap of smoke, as the Colus was allowed to dissipate into the air naturally, as I was finally freed.

The last bits of smoke dissipated from the air as I warily open my eyes, world blurry, already hearing the Hayyoth in the far distance. My ears flitted back and forth; you could hear the air as it snapped and exploded with the things, replicated and seeping down like a snow.  My panting, exhausted breathing slowed down, fell back to normal rhythm, eased back to what I had always known. Things began to clear up and brighten; I was hunched down, still on my knees, my body was human in most regards, though very tall. I was back in the clothes, the uniform I had made for myself at least a thousand years back.   I could see the fur, not my own thankfully, that covered my upper bits, around the arm, the long strands of my hair streaming down from the side of my head. I coughed, woozily trying to stand up, eyes rolling in my head.

"Oh, c'mon, this is taking too long." Cempe's voice got closer, impatient. "We don't have all day to wait on your tired ass, Nona." Something shoved me in the head, the flat point of the Decempedia, Cempe's flat, blade-like measuring stick weapon.  I grumbled, trying to find my bearings as it jabbed me again between the eyes.

"Wake up sleepy…." She goaded, prodding again and again. Instantly my vision snapped together, energy rushed back as I snagged the end of the Decempedia, shoving it back into her face to knock my beloved sister's head back.  It was a sort of homesick energy, a sort of loving, angry, snarking revenge that I so desperately needed. I hopped back to my feet, immediately tilting backwards as the weight of these immense horns came back in embarrassing fashion. The deity only laughed, blood gushing from her nose. "She's back!"

"I'mma beat the shit out of you, Cempe!" I snarled, half meant, vision still musty before I realized how tall I stood above Raziel as I passed him in a glance.  My view was even taller then the demisilo form, but only by a few more feet. For some reason I felt like I had to represent myself, had to be that calm, collected leader to the first person who thought I could.  There was a strange twitch in his eyes, remembering, putting more then it all together on his own; he wouldn't spit it out here. Just when things were getting comfortable, the awkwardness set in all over again. I turned away, ears back, ashamed. He was just standing there, struck; nothing was going to validate the oddity of this for him this time. I looked out over the plains, deliberated the situation, siding up next to Aisa instead, ignoring all the important parts. We could figure this later.

"How's it feel?" She gave a hearty smile, slapping me on the back like a teammate.

"Foggy."  I twisted to look at my pants, these knee-length parachute like things, at the jewelry around my neck.     Turning back towards the front, I nearly hit Aisa with my horns, these massive, massive things; I was teetering around 8, 9 feet tall while the horns , straightened out, were probably 6 feet + long. But they zigzagged instead, last segment crooked up at a forty five degree angle, wind whistling through the worn hole in both of them.  Felt a little like someone was constantly pulling on my hair, hanging from it.  I shook my head a little, trying to make a decent sentence. "Feels like nothing's missing, but there's only a candlelight on in the room, if that weird analogy makes an sense to you." This was the voice I knew, this was where my other little halfie forms all lacked.

The two of us lovingly looked over the oncoming field of rushing Hayyoth, of Cherubs that dropped from the sky, of other winged goodies I hadn't danced with all joining in, all swirling about, just across these fields. They knew where we were. We knew where they were. Everyone was blisteringly out in the open. Blatantly exposed. For some reason, with my whole family here, it didn't bother me. Considered 'heavy hitters' to the rest of the demons, there really wasn't anything we couldn't take.  Be it a thousand + cherubs, Hayyoth and Desigeias like this, or the entire holy army. We didn't come together often, they left most of the fighting up to me anyways. But all three of us here? It was a lot less of a problem that I was still sentimental enough to know would've been.  

"Good to have you back." Aisa said again, cleaning off the Falx with her fingers.

"Good to be back" I rubbed the back of my head a little, stretching out, yawning. The field before us writhed with activity, pulsing towards us in jagged little heaps and gearing up like a torrent of bloodshed, of battle. Roaring out in defiance, in anger, the horde grew closer, more massive.  Aisa and I both began to smile in sync.

"Weird, isn't it?" Cempe said behind me, siding up next to Raziel and holding an arm around him like they were close friends, his eyes were frighteningly wide, scared and annoyed with as he looked back at her, then to me and smiling as she saw me listen in, "She looked almost normal before, but now, eegh. I'm pretty sure she ate your friend Neri."  My face scrunched up.

"Grow up." I spit out, lip twitching. "He's a guest. Don't fuck with him, okay? He's been through enough."

"Jeez, queenie, back for 5 minutes and you're already spitting out the orders." Cempe got back from her knees, walking to join Aisa and I on the hill with her tone changing mid-sentence, "Just trying to loosen up this annoying awkward situation with a little--- god damn that's a lot of cherubs."  Her face dropped, impressed and swinging the Decempedia over her shoulder like some ancient warrior.

"How should we go about this one?" Aisa looked around, stare stopping on me like I had answers, a little too emotionally drawn elsewhere to come up with something smart and useful. She looked to Cempe instead, reluctantly.  "What do you think?"

"Nona takes care of it."


"Why, don't you wanna flex the popularity-muscles? Show off what you can do to your special friend here?    Make sure everything's in order?" She smacked my shoulder lightly, "C'mon, heaven gives you the big 'Fuck you' for half a decade and you're not looking to at least teach them a little something? Push back for our side? I think it'd be a fabulous moral booster for the poor schmuck demons getting their asses handed to them." She took a few knowing steps towards Raziel, who smartly tried to back away from her path.  Cempe's lanky body snatched him like no big problem, spinning him around as the thunderous roar of screeching holy birds and Neri rip offs was starting to grow loud. Shaking him a little by the shoulders, she crouched behind him with a doofy grin. It was probably the closest thing to excitement and appreciation I'd get from her on my big return.

"C'mon, don't you wanna see Nona do cool shit? Eh? Eh?"  When neither Raziel nor my own expression matched what she was looking for as a response, her eyes hardened, squinting at me just a little harder.  "Fuck you, you owe me. Do it."

"I agree, Nona." Aisa said behind me, catching me off guard. The holy army of doom wasn't far at all, now, coming up the last few hills until they'd reach us. Rather polite of them to do it just from the one side, give me all this time to talk and sort things out in a respectable manner.  I smiled quickly at the thought, shaking my head and turning back to Aisa as she explained, "Would send them quite the message."

"Alright, alright, fine." I said lowly, holding open my one hand for the Colus to pool and form into with no complications whatsoever.  "I do this, you quit antagonizing Raziel."

"No."  She glared at me, before switching to glare at Raziel. "He's far too impressionable and easy to confuse"

"Please stop shaking me." He said flatly, arms pinned to his sides, glaring back.  Cempe's mood switched quickly, grabbing him around the shoulders again.

"See, this is far too fun to pass up." she shook him again, turning over to me. "They're not far now, sooner you get rid of them, sooner we get back underground." Sneering at her I slowly panned away, shaking the Colus out, now considerably smaller, more manageable, reaching out seven feet instead of ten as it no longer stored my remaining energy.  Aisa stood back by Cempe and Raziel, squatting behind me like they were waiting for a grand firework to go off, the grand finale.  Grumbling, I tried remembering how it was done, tried getting the sequence all right in my head, trying to sort out the details.  It'd been some time.

But stepping onto that grass, overseeing them all below me, feeling the energy the battle, the familiar surroundings, it became second nature to me. Became natural.  Muttering low I chanted the words under my breath, rotating the Colus twice on one side of my body, twice on the other side, looping in front.  Even as the immature part of me was stumbling, struggling with it all, the rest knew quite well what it was doing.  It's when I stopped questioning. Stopped assuming things were a joke…were fake, were misunderstood.  When I stopped putting the blame elsewhere, stopped blaming the black carpet of hell for getting me out, stopped blaming the angels for doing something that made me do one thing or the other. Yeah, unfortunately, I was responsible for a lot of this, and I was exactly who I was. Not something I could willingly change. I swung the Colus twice over my head, opening up my palms to let it spin freely, snatching the handle with my other hand it suddenly snapped straight up, left hand grasping the handle, right hand on the back of it, braced.   As I stood in front of that squirming mass of angelic hosts ready to fight back against me and what I was associated with, as my vision was entirely mobbed in white; that's when I pretty much accepted my duty, my job, all that.

The last word bit into the air, Colus lighting up with that red energy, back growing intensely hot; tightening my grip, the holes in the Colus widened, glowing brighter. An intense beam of energy shot out from all seven holes, shoving the weapon against my braced arm and against my face as I struggled with it. My body skidded back a few feet, nails clicking into place as a beam of energy enveloping the whole area in white, stealing all definition from the land around us. Color began to erase away as it erupted out, sweeping across the land below us.  The beam split up from one to two, two to four, four to sixteen, indefinitely, all becoming these thin, razor-like wires or strings that reached as far as the light would touch.  The weapon grew heavier by the second, from something comparable to a gallon of milk in my hands, to something weighing hundreds, thousands of pounds. I struggled to keep it lofted up as the cherubs careened from the skies, cut in half with these supposed strings of life, the Hayyoth screeched and wailed, diced and cubed as the strings darted across the grounds, back and forth.  

Twitching, digging deep I lofted it high over my head, supporting the Colus as the beam strengthened, broadening out.  You could hear the wires whizzing through the air, long tearing ragged bits of sound. One eyes closed, one open, I could barely read the demolition happing before me, just seeing bits of things drop from the air, seeing the movement of the world around me grow to a halt.

The light began to flicker, starting to die out as the Colus dropped from my hands, slamming into the ground with a rattling shake.  Like paranoid snakes the whole things disappeared, rushing away in coursing veins of black smoke from the area.  It left me standing there with a stance I could probably use to ride a horse, hands shaking, looking out in front of me, shocked and strangely okay with it, like a renewed sense of awe for something  I'd done a thousand times.  My knees quivered where I stood.  Something grabbed my hand. Aisa.

"Alright, time to go." She said with a laugh, tugging me along to the ripped gash in the earth seeping with red light.  I suddenly grew serious once more. With this window of opportunity to leave, we had to take it.

"Right. Let's go." I walked a little jaggedly towards the open. Cempe was trying to push Raziel into it, his hands clamored back, feet pointed straight towards the sky. Seeing my help coming around once more she let him fall, waving a hand at him and entering into the crevice herself.  Aisa was close behind; I climbed in after her, top half of my body still in the mortal world, resting on the edge of it.  You could hear lingering cries of anguished from the army over the hill, of the second attack coming around quickly, retaliating. Frowning, I extended a hand to Raziel.  "I don't deserve it, but trust me."

He looked at me, looked back to the cherub re-emergence, then back to the hole.

"Kinda a no-brainer with this one." He muttered, grabbing onto my hand quickly.

Without another second to hesitate I pulled him in, pulled him down, pulled him into Hell and damnation, just like they always said I would.
Chapter 34: [link]

Chapter 36: [link]

Remember that chapter i said you wouldn't find anything more action packed? Weelll I lied. This is by far the most..actiony.... chapter out there, and probably for the book. I got winded writing it. :lol:

Colus is badass. That's all. :D

This chapter was almost exclusively inspired by this song: [link] (Like the first part is the contemplation, the part where it's a heavy beat right after at :45 is her beating her head against the barrier, at 1:07 she's busted out of the room, the first "bring it on home" is the giganto super-kill beam (first time) ... i'm not kidding. And in an ideal world, i'd totally effin' animate this chapter to this song.
If you read really super fast, it goes with the music

3:16 is when they're 700 miles away, 3:32 rest o' the fates come out of the goes on.

4:43's the last super-beam....

I'll be hosting a Caelum contest! You can find details about it tomarrow night/ thursday morning. It's going to be a two-fer contest, two different sections you can submit to, two sets of prizes.

1st Contest will be "Filling in the enormous time-gaps." Where you can make sub-let stories about... I dunno, missions they may have gone on, have 'em meet your characters, whatever; you can write it from Neri's perspective, from Raziels, from a rock nearby, whatever. It's a writing contest, though, since a lot of you that read are writers as well.

2nd contest is illustrating a scene from any of these chapters, provide the text you illustrated.

I'm not going to hide it, the contest is almost entirely for gathering more attention to this series. If i've got hoop dreams to get it published (which I just got a 'sorta interested' note from a publisher about doing it) *nudges* ) Publicity and support's going to be the key.

I also giggle like mad when anyone does any picture out of these stories. There's just something about getting that exact picture across to someone else in just words that giddies the hell out of me.

So yeah, stay tuned! I'll have floor plans for the houses, sketches of all forms, you name it. Definitely want to hear what you've got to say about all this!
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