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Caelum Sky – Chapter 31

"The sensible one" I said a little non-sensibly. Aisa;  it was the first time I really considered what that angelic detective had mentioned, that far too regular for consequential information stared at me with a bit of wonder before shaking her head with a cockeyed smile.

"Well, this isn't my actual body, but I guess you could say that, yes."  She looked around before getting up and helping me to my feet awkwardly.

"We're sisters?" I questioned, gripping her hands tightly, more in the deep depths of apathy at this point in time instead of flipping out that I'd met another one of my extended family I was associated with.

"Well, yeah. You, Nona, are the youngest, Cempe's the middle, and I'm the oldest." I clenched my hands with immense senior strength. She dropped out of the grip and took my elbow instead like a caring daughter would, help me along. Bells, explosives and firecrackers barraged my feeble mind.

"Cempe!" I almost cracked a hip spinning back towards her, almost toppling off the sidewalk. Cempe was not the 'Decima' that the detective had said. Aisa only gave me a sort of laugh, sitting me back down on a new bench, slightly closer to the entryway of the retirement home.

"Oh, I know you've met Cempe."

" Yeah, yeah, I have, many times- who is Decima?" I was starting to panic.

"Same person."  Aisa sat down next to me again, looking back out around us with a more developed sense of awareness, of some sort of memorable appreciation, that just mentioning the shenanigans that Cempe has put me through was something fond.  Her eyes suddenly switched back to me as I begged for more information; that look of hazy loving goodness faded more into concern as my brain was obviously not processing this information.  "She hates that name, so she sticks with the Decempedia's name of Cempe as a shortcut." I smiled, softly, nodding with my mouth slightly ajar, brain steaming and sizzling in confusion.  Aisa re-adjusted her seat, getting a little closer.

"Okay, so, you know the Colus, right?" I nodded, I could still understand that, "Well the Colus protects you the same way the Decempedia protects Cempe---or…Decima. Same deal.  The Colus is your Distaff, while the Decempedia's the measuring rod.  Just trust me on this one; you understand your own mythology, don't you?" My lip only twitched a little in response as I shook my head. I wished people would stop assuming I knew things.

"Ah, right, that's Cempe. Well, go look up your own name, that'll be fun- try not to swear too loud when you do." She laughed again, helping me back up as I felt my brain close to bursting, "C'mon Nona, buck up."

"I…I… why would this…why…" My mouth flapped open and closed, gasping for reasoning and a little compassion at dropping the bomb on an old lady like myself. Aisa only moved me along a little slower, staring straight at me like she wanted to help, but instead got a bigger kick out of watching me flounder.

"This is strange, talking to you like this. You could almost pass as an old woman with the face you've got on now."  I wanted to smack her, if only I was fast enough,  a big part of me was pulling to do that. I only hobbled where she directed me before I stopped, gaining my direction and footing once more, "Don't worry, I won't tell your others about this. Not good for the image, I know." My face scrunched up, waving my hand in front of my face like I had to clear the bad air, the misunderstanding.  

"If I'm all so important, why are you putting me back in there?" The laughing stopped.

"Because it's still your choice.  I can't make this decision for you, only you can. People are going to need your help anywhere, Nona. You'll have to choose who you help and who you leave. There will always be consequences, and I think leaving you in this home will help you come to terms with that." She walked me in through the first set of doors as I fought for precious question time from the first spirit willing to give me answers, no matter how confusing they seemed to me now.

"So it's really true?  I really am this horrible demon leader?" I spit out choppily as Aisa suddenly stopped, grabbing me firmly by the shoulders and propping me up taller.

"As your sister, it's my honor and duty to respect you, no matter who you are, or what you do." She pulled me into a tight hug, one that probably bruised my elder body just a bit, "But I would not bother with you if you were some 'horrible demon leader'. I would not be trying to track you down for four years and come down to Florida, searching for you, even though admittantly, I am here a lot.  I would not give you a second of my time if I thought of anything less than greatness from you. It's about time you acted like it, though; this emo humble bullshit's going to drive us both nuts." She smacked my shoulders heartily, leading me up to the front desk, signing me back in and turning back around as I struggled for reasoning.

"Good luck, Emalee. I know you'll make the right decision, no matter what it may be." I waved a little as she left standing in the entryway of the assisted living facility, the isolated demon Nona.

"Did you have a good visit with your daughter?"  Beth, my caregiver was right next to me again. I couldn't speak, couldn't…fathom….. anything.  It was like the world stopped, seized, twitched and jiggled at the same time, that life around me grew distant, faded.   That there was no one but myself in that instant, that there was no other living soul capable of sitting in just that moment, in just that time.  People were affirming my worries for me. Acknowledging what I was trying to chalk up to someone elses's problems. There were mine, and mine only.  Beth pulled my arm slightly, pulling me away from the door, turning me on her power, her will, doing things for me.  It was taking me back from the outside world, from the problems I knew existed, that I was ignoring and into this comfort, this subtle shield of ignorance I could choose to play, that I could continue to be led around, directed by others.  Something in me began to harden.

"Yeah… yeah I did thanks." I said shortly, placing my hand over hers and pulling it away with a gentle touch. "It's left me a lot of things to think about, is there a way we can move our lunch date to one of these window tables here? Been a long time since a clear day, and I plan to at least watch as much of it as possible. Would that be okay?"  Both the front desk receptionist and Beth were a little pulled away, a little wary that the moderate Alzheimers patient was stringing out long, complex sentences.

"Well, I'm not sure, Emalee, we eat in the dining room, they don't appreciate it when we get food on the tables out here, if we make a mess."

"Then I'll be exceedingly careful. I just need a break, and I'm sure you do too, a switch in routine. We'll be in plain view of all the others, it's not like I'm asking to sit down in the middle of the highway. "I tried using an old-lady smile, a sort of sweet-old grandmotherly approach to goad my way to get what I wanted.  "We're never sure how many good days I've got, right? Why can't I spend the good ones having a good time?"  Beth continued to look at me, finally putting up her hands and relinquishing her authority with a sort of despondent grin.

"Alright, we'll have lunch out here, but if anyone asks you, we're having a conference with food, okay?"  I gave a quick nod as we started to leave for the cafeteria.

"Also, while we're at it, do we have any mythology books?" I questioned with a nervous smile, pushing my luck all the more.

"What do you believe happens after death?" I asked her out of the blue after we had eaten most of our food, talked into exhaustion about most of the boring, plain stuff and small banter like weather, rain, and current events.  My mind was completely elsewhere, trying to rationalize this all out, trying to make sense of it.  In this position, with the ability to understand more than just what was around me, I almost figured it my duty to interview anyone with more than three polite words to their name.  My caregiver seemed like a pretty bright type, she was starting to catch onto my great pill hiding place, seemed like a good candidate. I saw a lot of myself in her, too.

The social worker gave me a strange look, shaking her head.

"Well, heaven of course."  I nodded back, looking outside, eyes concise, thinking, tiny; they had a mythology book but the arts and crafts student teacher had it at the moment, trying to put together a craft session that involved an intricate mythological back story and a tiny twirled tissue paper flower.  At Beth's request, she'd be bringing it to us any moment now.   Each moment dragged despondently behind the last.

"Seems like the polite response to make, you know? Telling someone else you fear they'll just rot in the ground, well, it's not courteous. It won't make you many friends."  The worker only watched me, curious as I elaborated. "I told that exact same response to someone else myself, even when I wasn't sure. It's a nice thought, though.  A nice sentiment."

"You don't believe in heaven anymore?"  She said worriedly as she sipped her drink, putting down her clipboard. My lip pulled back in a crooked smile, a very un old lady-like move.

"I think I kinda have to." I chuckled, switching hands, "You just wonder what might happen if you say nothing, though. That if you seriously believe life after death's just…blackness, if that's all that person will see. Like if that person actually believes nothing will happen, or if they fall back on that old reassurance, that something's always there at the end, that there's always more." I shrugged my shoulders a little, watching some little chipmunk run across the gravel path, enjoying his little world that wasn't tied up in some blue-colored entryway paved with children's handprints and fake flowers.  

"That's a very interesting thought, Emalee."  The social worker leaned back from her chair, scratching the side of her head.  "A little depressing, though."  I suddenly cackled out loud.

"It is, isn't it? Nothing like a serious bout of Alzheimers to shake you up and consider your own life… speaking of-"I sat up a little as the woman with my mythology book was coming down the hall, "Do you know what a Distaff is?" I questioned; I knew it oddly from the Joan tale, from my mother who mentioned it once or twice in passing as a seamstress.  It was something with sewing. Beth suddenly sat up as I took the book from the woman, thanking her. It was a heavy thing in more than one way, weighing terribly on my thin, boney arms and not only on my mind.

"You know, that's so weird, I actually do. I've taken a few clothing design classes where it was mentioned."

"Yeah?" I questioned, subtly noting our conversation getting more relaxed, how two people roughly the same age would talk with one another.  "What's it do?"

"It spins threads. Like, takes the unwoven material and pulls it through to be wound on the spindle." I flipped to the back, trying to find 'Nona'- no luck.  No matches. Threads.  The images of the Colus weapon came to mind, how it unraveled, unspun itself and rejoined that way. My veins were starting to run cold.

"Could you draw me a picture of it?" I said shakily, flipping through the Mythology book randomly, hoping something would jog my memory, pop right up. There was nothing listed in the index under Colus either, driving my frustration.

"I'm not much of an artist" The woman waved a hand as I practically slammed down the napkin her way, handing the caretaker a pen.

"If you could, please, it's very important."  I said earnestly as I looked through the book, decrepit fingers withdrawing as I forgot I was squatting in this elderly body, just for a moment. Flipping the pages, I headed for S.  Sisters. Sisters always seemed to be an ominous word.  Beth gave me a worried look, pausing. I must've looked like a nut, now. "I want to do it the way you're supposed to, the original way, and I don't want those damn youngins jilting me on what I need." I elaborated lamely.  I was a piss-poor old woman, and I think everyone around me knew it.

"Well, okay, it looks a little like this." She drew a plain rectangle, quick little jagged notches and a long handle. The pills jammed in my nose almost shot onto the table.  Dabbing on old, infirm finger down on the napkin I pulled it towards me and made the notches a little deeper, and added more of a point to the top.

"Fuck me sideways." I muttered out loud, making my caregiver sit up like on a seat of hypodermic needles. I couldn't breathe, even with the air being forced under my nose; I was looking at a rough picture of the Colus weapon laid out in front of me.  Wait a second. "You said it's used for spinning thread, right?"  Beth nodded; Aisa said that the…Decempedia was about measuring-so if I spun the thread, and she measured it-my eyes popped wider then my coke bottle glasses could handle, hands already flipping furiously in the book to F.

There, right towards the top of the book, partially lit in sunlight from the window sat the little paragraph of all knowing answers. Fates. More accurately, the sisters of- Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos; My eyes practically ate the page where it lay. Beth was asking something, questioning me more, but I pretty much blocked all parts of this world out except for me and that book.

' The Fates' , or Moirae, were a group of three women attributed with choosing one's destiny; Clotho, the weaver spun the thread of life, Lachesis measured the thread, and Atropos, sometimes known as Aisa, cut it, determining how one dies.  The Moirae were even feared by the gods, sometimes referred to Roman mythology as Nona, Decima and Morta.' I continued to stare at it, looking up slightly to Beth with my petrified death-face, then back to the book. Right there. Nona, Decima/Cempe, and Aisa.  As my eyes burned some minutes later, I blinked, staring all the more.

"Are you okay, Emalee?"  My breath was shallow, spaced out; lip twitching as I tried to smile, as parts of me tried to move on, to continue this charade. Even with Aisa/ Grand mistress of Death's warning I wanted to scream, swear, throw a drinking fountain through the window and run away to sweet sweet freedom. Something began to kick at the back of my head, pushing me back towards the earth I was falling away from.  "I said, do you need me to get some help for you?" Beth was almost standing up, readying herself at my unresponsive behavior. My thoughts snapped back together.

"No, no, I'm okay." I said in exasperation, shutting the book quickly with an inane laugh "You know these old texts like to anger up the blood" I shoved the book away from myself, running a shaking hand through my hair in a cruel reminder  where I was and what I was doing.  Beth sat back down, cleaning up her seat a little as my brain skipped on empty.  If this was a joke, it was an intensely dedicated one. I looked up to my caregiver, someone who might actually have to carry me back to my room for once.

"Let me ask you something, if I might." I twiddled my thumbs nervously, looking outside, pining for it like a stress reliever. "If lived your life unaware you were secretly in some big position of power, how would you cope with that?" The caregiver gave me a sort of confused look, helping me to my feet. For the first time, I actually felt like an old woman, a bit weak in the legs, breath short, brain frazzled.  Gathering up my dishes, we started to walk back to the cafeteria.

"Well, I guess it'd depend if I was looking for that reassuring answer or not." She gave me a hearty tap on the shoulder, "Or if I was just looking for something happy to fall back on."   Beth didn't say a word more about it, didn't give me an answer beyond that, beyond a regurgitation of what I had said earlier. This had to be horribly funny to someone other than myself.

I pretty much had the rest of the day to mull it over; there was an optional reading class I could go to, something called 'finding the internet' class that I chose to ignore, and my caregiver was giving me a lot more freedom, more personal space.  I was told to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow since my 'good days' were sticking around, no doubt due to avoiding eating any of the medication they gave me.  Made me wonder what would happen if I did, though.  

I sat at that window alone and away from the others, leaning back and watching the outside world, at the people that passed, the plants swaying with the wind, the hummingbirds that visited the bright red strawberry feeder hung from the tree; and here I was, sitting in some old woman's body, stagnantly recycling the air that had been recycled for me.  Things were passing me by, always moving, always changing, shifting, growing and learning.  Maybe I should consider myself lucky to keep experiencing it, again and again as a demon, reliving those lives, those small things I enjoyed so much.  A fate; now that just seemed ridiculous; an old, forgotten myth and I was pretty sure to have learned time and time again in class of the old witches who sat around cutting lengths of string.  Some stupid archaic fairy tale. Outdated. Why  in the hell would I be one of them? How did I manage to get stuck with that job?

It didn't feel wrong, though. That's what worried me most. It wasn't like it disagreed with me, that it was an elaborate hoax, that it didn't fit. It did fit. I liked kids. The damn Colus was made out of threads. I mean, Raziel had said that there must've been an important reason I was split up, that I was someone of importance.  Possibly. Well, leading a whole gaggle of rebelling demons and angels, hell, yeah, I'd call that an important reason.  But if that was true, if heaven had segmented my soul like this, it still didn't make sense why I woke up in hell, why Nona was apparently squatting in my body from day one, that they would've just killed me off.  I tapped my face, and looked around at the poor people around me, at these folk cooped up inside, limited, segmented off themselves.  Nudging my chair a little closer to the window, I laid my face against the glass, taking a soft breath of over-oxygenated air, at least enjoying that much of what I had. It was just my wacky ass body that was causing me stress right now, and the thought that my friends and comrades were all chopped to bits because of what I'd done, because of their association with "The great Excelsis Nona"  What bullshit.

"It's a title, nothing more." Someone said in front of me as my glance snapped to the empty seat, now occupied by the demonic version of myself I knew, but short like the first form. I almost popped an artery as she held up her hands, "Easy there Betty May,  I'm just an extension of your thoughts, a kinda  figment of your imagination.  I'm still stuck there with you. It'll just make things easier to work out if you can see it eye-to eye."  My worried glare didn't let up as  I only began to frown, looking around a little. It was a pretty impressive figment, almost looked whole; but as I leaned a little to the side, things got hazier, like she was a special screen I could only see from one angle.

"You're not the one responsible for the bad puns, are you?" I questioned softly, worriedly, keeping my voice low. Miffed, insulted that it was the first question I asked my more…popular self, she looked away over her shoulder.

"You try and come up with something witty with half a brain, it's not easy." I leaned a little closer, staring at her quizzically.  She only glanced back, doing the same thing, "God, we're so old…"  Considering, I leaned back.

"So you're the great Nona?" I tilted my head a little with a sneer before trying to look like I was glancing out the window instead of talking to a bare seat. She did something that surprised me, looking more frustrated then proud of that, acting the same way I used to do when someone mentioned my father as the great politician of the town. A title way over my head, a title I didn't want to associate with. Something given, not earned.  Nona stared at me a little as my thoughts wrapped up, pointing a finger at me enthusiastically.

"That. Exactly that."  My face pulled back a little; she was in my head, no surprises she'd be reading my thoughts. The demon went on, "It's a title, nothing more. The only thing that things good for is intimidating your enemies. I've built up that reputation for the benefit of the others, not for myself. Publicity."

"You're not toting that around?  How many others get to be the all-powerful Clotho/Nona/ Superweaver?" It seemed like I was just antagonizing her now, picking and peeling any bits away that I could.  The demon only mimicked my glance, looking out the window as well.

"No. You're talking about it like it's a curse, it's not. It's a duty. It's a massive amount of responsibility with the actual influence to change the world around you." She looked back to me, "That's what it really boils down to."

"What makes you think I'd be any good at doing that? I can barely keep up commitments in my own life, let alone everyone elses. "I said a little louder, elderly teeth gritting against one another, Nona gave a sort of exasperated sigh of annoyance.   "It sounds….tiring, difficult."

"Why do you think I vacation as often as I do? Why do you think you have so many past lives?" She stared at me straight on, more excited as her emotions suddenly slipped up, calming down. " In everything I've done, in all the wars I've helped with, fights I've waged, people I've met living and dead, you know what still tops as the best thing?"  I shook my head no.

"This." She pointed around her as I almost laughed, her face growing more troubled, switching the finger to point outside. "Well, not so much this retirement home, but that. The outside world, the lives of the people." I could feel her enthusiasm influencing me as she couldn't help but continue on.

"All the things about life, all the aspects of it, the complicated relationship, the good times, the bad times, down to things like fine cheese, a soft breeze, a warm day, fresh cut grass, for god's sake! They're all these amazing sublime feelings and emotions and love and danger and…everything. Even down to inclement weather, violent crimes, mudslides, taxes, anything horrible and bad and dangerous, they only really make you sit back and enjoy this world when things are good. These lives, all the subtleties, the brilliant exquisite parts that make you cry tears of happiness, that make you wonder if everything's just a beautiful, complex dream; that's what I live for." I couldn't seem to find my eyebrows, wedged so high up on my head as Nona slowly smiled, looking back to me, "This job, it weighs you down, it crushes those feelings, that life in you, impairs your judgment and makes you see the world from the only pair of eyes you've got. That doesn't make a good person or a good leader. That's why you've got so many lives under your belt, a fresh view on things, a new start to appreciate and accept life all over again. That maybe, if we're lucky enough, we'll be around long enough to truly value a small sliver of the whole life experience."   

My eyes were practically bugging out of my head as each word made sense to me, made me relax, ease up a tiny smidge more as we both stared a little at each other. She seemed like the farthest thing one would expect from a demon leader, a sergeant of sorts, not so understandably evil as I'd figured from the outside view. Nona tweaked her head a little bit, squinting.

"You've got to get that whole…good and bad side of things out of your head. I hate to quote my idiot sister, but she's right; they're just words. Erase the meaning of good and bad and you're seeing the world exactly as it is."

"You have to understand how hard that is for me to do." I shook my head a little; I wanted to smile, I wanted to digest the whole thing and be okay with it. I wanted to understand it fully. I wanted to know. I stopped, rubbing parts of my face nervously, "That whole…. 15 year thing…"

"A lie, Palug's good at that; good at least at frosting over the truth."

"Ah." I guess I should've been more excited, more enthusiastic,  it was an awful lot to understand, to digest and respect. I felt like I needed another good four years to sleep this off. "What about this whole…plan… thing?"  My soul dropped back down to earth instead of fluttering away as Nona's smile fell just a bit, looking off to the side.

"Originally, I wanted to try something new, wanted to push myself to really develop my own concept, my own idea of self. Working in a system again and again grinds off your edges, you know? I wanted to try that raw, basic life once more, from a new angle."

"And that's me? What… am I just…" I dabbled, coughing on it, feeling the whole bottom idea of self fall from underneath me, like I was a formulated thing, not original, created out of necessity. I rubbed my temples, face pained in fictitious agony. "How long can I ignore this talk ever happened?"  I said kinda incredulously; my stomach felt like it was grating on the sides of my ribs, like my heart was shaking, dying and afraid as I was.  Nona stared me straight in the eyes, squishing her face up.

"You couldn't ignore this if you tried and you know it."  God…dammit.  I leaned back at her, hissing angrily.

"I'm not ready for this kinda shit!" The woman a table over looked at me suddenly, appalled. She could blow it out her ass for all I cared, internal rambling with the thing piggybacking on my conscious seemed like a more pressing matter.  Nona gave me the same flat stare I gave everyone else, a true duplicate of myself.

"Sit down before you bust an artery, Fanny Sue." I slowly eased back on my heels, slowly sat back in my chair, pulling that medical tower closer to me for good measure. We didn't say a word to each other for at least five minutes, angrily venting while I stared out the window. I couldn't manage a group if they paid me, couldn't lead my way out of a paper bag. My thoughts stopped, belligerent tirade halting.  That sentiment was blatantly disputed by one person, the only person to my knowledge that actually had any faith in me. I stopped, eyes darting back to my fictitious figment as she looked back to me in mirror image. "How does Raziel come into play with this?"  I saw her ears go back at the mentioning.

"I felt like I only understood one side of how everything worked. That I was losing perspective on reality by fighting angel after angel. That the value of life was thinning out, cheapened.  Originally, I just wanted to meet up with him again, rekindle a friendship that's always been dear to me, but it turned into a mission of discovery, of learning and appreciation all the more."  Hell, this was starting to sound almost reasonable, coming from the strange extension of my inner older future self sitting in a fictitious chair. Nona smiled a little with the thought, going on, "It was pretty carefully planned; every bit; the good and the bad.  I asked Palug and Cempe to guard me on my quest to do this, and they've done a fantastic job whether you agree or not with it." Something itched beneath my skin, bugging me.

"What wasn't planned?" I grumbled lowly, cocking an eyebrow up as a woman passed close by us; Nona and I both watched her with careful eyes.

"The rest of it." Nona said with a laugh. "This…wasn't planned.  Getting captured wasn't planned; Raziel's willing falling, definitely not planned. People still have free will against whatever we may figure, you know." I suddenly laughed out loud, startling myself.

"This is what you figured, not me! This was not my doing! Free will my ass!"  I slapped a hand over my mouth, sitting back down quickly as Nona only put a palm to her face.   I scoped over the entire lobby of people, not a single person looked elsewhere but at my ranting self. "Sorry, sorry… uh… TV infomercial…" I called out to everyone and pointed to the TV. Our time to talk had just been cut short; they'd be shipping me off to bed pronto now. The demon bent down, hissing out like people could hear her.

"It was. Don't go thinking I'm some great puppet master or something. I'm just the part responsible for the whole Nona mess. Life after death- You're just you." I frowned. "Palug was there to make sure you had somewhere to go when the angels exorcised you, Cempe was there to guide you to your own past soul, and to finding Raziel.  And to a few other things. God dammit I owe her big." She dawdled on a sort of tangent, looking around and spotting Beth marching down the hallway.

"So, are we going to…rejoin…or…activate or something?"

"No, no there's a time and place for that. It certainly isn't the retirement home, not like this."  She sat up a little straighter. "It's up to you what happens now.  Either staying here in this body for the rest of its natural life and stay out of the system, or get out of the body and jumping back into the fight, eventually things would be okay either way. This is entirely your decision this time." Beth stood just next to me now, looking out the window.

"That's a very pretty sunset we have." She said slowly, placing a hand on my shoulder, "Are we alright, Emalee?"

I held that grimace and quickly nodded, looking back to Nona. The seat was empty once more; visit over, just like that. Back to my own power, back to that light in my head turning off, the future soul going back into hibernation as I scanned for activity, for more help. Nothing. Done.

"I'm…something." I muttered low, trying to smile, nothing but a cracked and fragmented thing. I looked back to the sky, nodding again and taking a lot of short, strange breaths. My decision.    

After another bath, another round of gorging, I sat there reclining back in bed, focusing. It was easy to get trapped in this cycle, this regimented, scheduled cycle of eating, bathing, eating, sitting around and sleep by seven thirty at night.  As Aisa had said, people needed me. I was always needed. I needed to leave, that really needed no extra thought. Like I was that enthralled with little things like eating and hot water. Why Neri, you can choose to save a friend, or take baths and sit outside. What do you do? C'mon, seriously. Also, if you do stick around, you'll wither away like an Alzheimers patient yourself.  The decision wasn't hard. What I was held up on was killing a person's life off. I was pinned to this annoying body, but it still had its own soul inside, one that I have been staving off the chance to explain itself, to have a say in the matter. As I had told Raziel before, I always felt much worse sitting something out, letting everything happen, to have others suffer my consequences. My stomach bunched into a knot at the thought, these previous four years was the era of others suffering for my consequences.

No longer. That… it was done. I wouldn't sit by another moment longer then I had to. That started with pill I had taken an hour ago, one of my daily medications, responsible for driving my brain, the one I had been avoiding that kept Emalee Herring here at bay.  I only took half my regular medication worth; I didn't want to go back to being that stain of an idea, that pushed back and limited section of life they'd trapped me in for four years.  I sat back in bed, watching the TV and keeping my senses open to that actual old woman coming back to life. I had no idea what I was in for. I didn't plan it being much fun.  I'd certainly be pissed if there was someone else controlling my body round the clock. Not that our situations were entirely different at this moment, come to think about it.

There was a rustling at first, a sort of restlessness that perked up as something only I could hear.  Turning my head this way and that, I made sure it wasn't from something else. The rusting came again, this time with a little murmuring, a little uneasiness. God how I wished I could just rip myself out of this body without having to resort to this. Internally, I was standing around in plain view, presumably my hands behind my back nervously as that old woman slowly came back to life, slowly took form once more.

"Wh….what?" she said auditably in my own ears, inside my head.  She tried to move her arms, my fingers twitching, grabbing on tighter to the blanket as her consciousness woke up.

"Emalee Herring, am I right?" I tried to be nice, tried to be polite for the soul snatching her body right now, taking control and not giving it back. Facts were facts though; she'd been circling the drain when the medication was forgotten, there was a very good chance that if she got full control of this body again, she'd keel right over. In the days I'd been in control, I'd actually been putting on a little bit of weight.

"Who…. What?"  She tried moving her arms again, fingers twitching a little more across the blanket. I kept stern control of the situation. Still felt like shit doing it, though.

"Listen, time's short. You know your situation, don't you?" I questioned gently, trying to guide her smoothly through this, try to make the process more natural. It felt like she finally saw me, finally recognized me.

"You again!?" She screeched in my head, practically making my glasses rattle on my face. "Demon, get out of my body!"
Chapter 30: [link]

Chapter 32: [link]

This chapter's undergone maaaajor facelifts. First draft pretty much just had Nona going "I loves life!" and Neri goes "COOL!" and....yeah. Conflict sucked ass. This is much better. Turmoil. Normal, regular reactions.

Anways, I learned a few things from this chapter. I apparently always have a goal to try and rationalize the wackiest shit out. Previous book was all about a psychokinetic genetic expirement, but i always had people relating enough to make 'em cry. Here, I'm trying to involve in ancient greek mythology.Trying to make lodgic out of it. Let me know what you think, if this was a shock, if you guys knew this sort of skewed mythology before I cracked it out at you, etc. Nervous posting this because it's one of the more off-the-wall chapters.

Anyways, the one conversation between Neri and Beth, the "polite conversation"--- conversation, was very much from something my grandmother and I talked about, when she was losing faith in her ideals, decieded to ask me for answers and reassurance. I'm agnostic, that whole "not really to know" side of it who dislikes organized religion. When someone asks you to try and rationalize in a religious way things like evolution and dinosaurs, what do you say?

Anyways, I lied to her. I tried to rationalize it out for her, sacrificed my thoughts and ideals to make her feel better about it. She's 83 years old, not in the best health.

*shrugs* felt like shit because of it, too, always questioned why I did. Don't really have an answer, either. Either way, makes good story fodder. Always wanted to try and verbalize my take on things as well, that poetic blob of Nona-text is pretty much how I try to rationalize things out nowandays.

I'm rambling. Let me know your throughst, be it about chapters or anything else.

No picture, because DA is having a hissy fit.
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Arisa-tan Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Seriously... I was like ponder ponder... HERCULES XD
That Disney movie has The Fates in it :) That's the only reference my brain had XD
When that snapped... lol... I was AH so that's where that's from. So yes. Only in Disney it's very simplified to them just cutting life threads of course :) (at least if my memory serves me right).
Okay that's all... all very interesting... moving on...
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hercules actually had something called the Graeae , which share a similar concept, but they use one eye to see the future and pass it around between the three of them. The movie is about...ffff... 98% inaccurate, lol.
Arisa-tan Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Oh right! that was it yes. That eye lol.
Funny funny XD Disney isn't there to be accurate, it's there to entertain children of all ages (incl. adults lol).
But it's the only place I heard of the concept :)
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Initially before I went into school that was the only place i'd heard it as well. Through classical paintings they tend to be portrayed as just people, then a little later on they were all grotesque and terrible. I know that one artist did a certain portrayal and everyone liked it, and portrayed them the same way pretty much from there on out. Worst portrayal has to be the God of War series, though, i wept a little playing that. Check out the design for Nona: [link]
Arisa-tan Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
OH HOLY WOW... that... yes... uchem. HAHA That's quite horrible yes XDDD
My school life didn't have interesting stories like that. :| Anything before world war 2 is like a big mystery to me... school didn't bother or whatever? idk... they lingered on that war a little too much for my taste. Like my dad so often cringes, "didn't you learn that at school?" and I happily reply "nope. Explain."
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
lmao. I forget exactly which class it was where we learned about this for a while, i think it was a lit or english class some ways back, and a few notes about it in an art history class as well. I did a fair bit of research as well, because initially i had no intention of going this way; but when it presented an idea, I started researching like mad :D
Arisa-tan Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Research is so much fun anyway!!!
Yeah see never had any of those classes :|
Boring general school and then it was computers computers and some more computers 8D
The only interesting bits was studying some idk native american I think it was, culture in a class loosely translating to "knowledge of the spiritual life".
which is generally just a really broad subject covering well mostly stuff like religion and whatever. Though generally the whole cabaret watching and whatever was best XD
It's the subject I remember nothing about except for watching a lot of TV and having general stories told. Oh and we listened to Bob Marley one time.
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
lmao, that sounds like a pretty cool class. In Highschool we had one called "stress and relaxation" class, which all you did all the time was just take a nap. It was seriously just nap class.
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Dagith Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
its almost like revealing a dream sequence (or extremely complicated life sequence to live life for the first time...again)

I never expected this to go much beyond ex-angle and weirdo demon friends fighting crime and whatnot XD

but wow, your book has one hell of a falling action!SO MUCH PLOT.
ALRadeck Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
The plot! it's eeevverrywhere! :lol:

Weird demon fighting crime UNITE!
XylidineGriffin Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Interesting chapter. I love it when people incorporate real life situations into their stories, it just makes them feel that much more real themselves.

Making logic out of Greek mythology, don't be silly, you know that can't be done. When the daughter of the river god gets pregnant from an almond falling in her lap Greek_mythology you know there's no hope.
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Just you wait red-gryphon! I'll logic the HELL outta that mythology!
XylidineGriffin Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
forrgotenrose Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay so she's the weaver, so maybe she's the one to give life. Cempe measures how long the life will be and Asia ends the life when its times up... Right I have no idea if that makes sense or if its even correct O.o

Oh and as for trying to work out where evolution and dinosaurs would fit into religion. God made dinosaurs but they failed so he made basic humans and we evolved into what we are to day :dummy:
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
sufacely, yeah. though you find out she pretty much does nothing. :lol:

Buuut: [link] Shazoom.

I think I told her that the measurement of 'days' in genisis could be hundreds of thousands of years, and not so much one day like it is today. Something along those lines.
forrgotenrose Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woohoo that confusing sentence was right! :dummy: That wiki page is actually quite interesting! ‘They likewise have forbidding appearances (beards)’ so beards are forbidding now? :lol: Mind you a bearded woman that decides how and when you die would be rather forbidding… That wiki page also clears up one of my characters name, she’s called Klotho and I knew her name meant life but other than that I had no idea, so thanks for that XD

And your explanation for Dino's and evolution is much better than mine :|

SHAZOOM to you too!
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
:lmao: They've been personified many-a-different way, hell, when i made up my mind to go this route, i played God of War 2, where they have a clotho that's a giant worm of a woman-maggot thing. Effin' terrifying. :lol:

Like that, the beard is the least of thier problems. :lol:
forrgotenrose Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Worm maggot thing? D8 EWW!!!
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
XylidineGriffin Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
forrgotenrose Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ew ew ew ew ew!!!
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
:lol: That's kinda what I did. Just went... "Dawww... maaaann"
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Knuckles5000 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting backstory, I will say that I am a fan of incorporating mythological aspects into a modern setting.
I can imagine this little conversation with the old woman being a little awkward.
"Hey nice to meet you I'm Neri. BTW I have to kill you to get out of your body."

Hehe, but seriously, the chapter was pretty good. While I think the backstory was delivered in the best way possible, I think it might have come off a bit better if it was revealed slowly all the time. It's sometimes a bit hard to take in if it all comes out at once.

Also it still is a little unclear to me about specifically why she split herself up. From what I got it was to just start completely over and meet Raziel again, but I'm not quite sure what the roles of Palug and Cempe were.

But I'm still really interested to see what comes next!
ALRadeck Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I agree. I'll probably go back in the older chapters and plant in a few more hints, make it more from the center instead of from left field. I think that's what annoyed me most about this chapter, to be honest.

The next... bah, 5 chapters reveal the rest of the details, at least most of them. Like I said, I'll be editing this story to fit better after it's done.
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