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Caelum Sky – Chapter 3

“It’s here; I know that damn thing is still here” the angel’s voice strained in frustration- something far away, garbled, swimming in echoes and muted through glass, but I could hear it as I groggily woke up.   My body remained in a crunch, at the extreme angle I was shot out at, butt-first, wedged in something solid. I opened my eyes to a word of wet, dark earth, but not Hell.  Confused, I tried to turn over and get my bearings, finding myself completely encased in dirt like I was buried and laid to rest.

“So, we’re NOT giving them piece of mind? Are you saying I’ll be going back on my guarantee here, Raziel?”  A different voice, deeper- the priest, probably. Guarantee?  The ground softly knocked, louder then the conversation, in my general direction before there was an annoyed grumble.

“I’m not saying that. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve got to make another house call here in a few months. We can blame another spirit on it if it comes back, for Christ’s sake; they live next to a damn graveyard.”  The ground thumped much louder as if something was thrown at it before the angel bitched again, “The fuck are you?”

The priest’s tone rose quickly. “If we’re trying to persuade them that their home isn’t haunted any longer, it’d be a good idea if you’d stop banging on the walls and terrifying them!”  There was softer, more muted talking before their conversation returned. “Do you doubt the will of God, or do we doubt ourselves?”

“That… thing wasn’t phased by my stronger attacks, or that my seal to expel all demonic energy from the house. Igh.. I mean, that’s my high-class stuff there! Holy water made the damn thing change colors!” I could hear metal scraping the wall, the voice get farther away. “Let them know the house has been purified, give them our number if they’re terrified by anything else.” Softer mumbling before the sound left all together.

Twenty more minutes passed by before there was a slam of car doors above me, the rattle of some kind of engine before all was quiet and letting out a breath I wasn’t sure I had to take.  Slowly, I tried wriggling around, gaining no movement. I grew anxious and frustrated, trying to flop around with no result as well.  It didn’t make any sense. If I was dead, and pretty sure I was, when why couldn’t I drift easily through things as the angel – “Raziel” apparently- could?

I thought dead. Though pass-able, thought light.  Slowly, tirelessly, I wormed my way in a dance-like shimmy through the soil, until my nose hit the rough concrete outer wall of the house. With one last empty thought I broke through, tumbling to the ground in beautiful freedom and took sweet long, beautiful breaths. I felt slow, lumbering. Hindered by muscle and size- with barely more then a second glance, I could tell I was still in the demon body.  There was no other voice in my head, no diving panic to run away, or to figure out what was, was. I was very large. I was very un-coordinated. I was very burnt out by whateverthehell that ordeal was earlier, and the last thing on my mind was to run around in glee, free from the tyranny of God.

There was a dank ball cap lying on the floor in front of me, a pile of bluish clothes off to the left and sullied underwear off a distance in the dark. Light pierced into the basement in a few places; underneath the door jam and through the small windows at the top of the wall. My vision obscured; the giant ball of nose in my vision interrupted a moment of serene peace. My vision was nearly halved; the long reptilian like nose still jutted from my face, each eye desperately trying to overlap one another in some descent vision. I huffed, tilting my head and snorting in frustration as I whipped my head around in annoyance, like someone had put an orange between my eyes. Behind me was a mark, a large triangle almost burned into the wall, three outlying marks from each point on it on the exact spot the angel shot me at.  Stupid “Raziel”; probably some sort of seal to keep me away. Didn’t seem like a very well-educated sort, nothing he had done worked. Maybe they kept the good angels in heaven and the shitty know-nothings down here. My lip curled at the thought of him.

I rocked to my feet, the long, splayed toes instantly crumpling off to the side. It took nothing to throw me back on my butt, my tail whipping around and slapping against one of the wooden supports: I froze, steps quickly rushing above me. I felt like I had broken a priceless vase that my mom was coming down here to pull be by the ear upstairs and have a long talk with me about rules and good behavior.   The basement was penetrated by light suddenly, the door slamming open as a figure stood in front of it.

“For god’s sake, what now?!” She stomped down the stairs in a rush to the basement. The woman from before, the mother, scanned the darkness quickly before throwing on the lights.  I scrambled to the other side of the basement with a mix of front and back feet under cover of the darkness, afraid to be seen, afraid of this hideous monster I was forced to be.   She stood at the bottom of the steps, young, black hair, sweatpants; the look on her face said it all. She was unhappy, unnerved, at her end.  Her eyes were wide, somewhat annoyed, somewhat afraid; like she was sick of constantly hearing things that may of may not have been me that she had spent the last night in a panicked terror.  Waves of guilt hit me, ashamed of being such a burden and trouble to these people.  It wasn’t their fault; it wasn’t anyone’s, really. But the best thing for me to do would be leave and give them a little rest, at least.  Maybe I could give them it now.

I stepped, slowly, into the light in front of the mother, head hung low.  She instantly turned in my direction, squinting into the darkness and took another step down, leaning against the rail cautiously.

“Hiuhhhh” I garbled, before clearing my throat and trying again, “Hi”

She seemed to look expectantly at me, waiting an apology, something.

“I’m not sure if you can hear me, don’t know if it matters.” I looked to my toes, all four sets of them, dragging a claw along the concrete nervously.  I hated this. I hated this all. The circumstances, the guilt, this whole ghostly experience was about as much fun as tax evasion.  “I’m sorry if I terrorized you; sorry if anyone got hurt.  I made a mess of everything, and there’s no amount of words that will--”

“EEEEHHHHHHH” The washing machine went of, sending me into the air. I leapt, crashing down on a laundry basket that crumpled under my weight, shooting the thing out directly at the wall.  The woman screamed, making me scream, the two of us harmonizing for a second before we both simultaneously bolted up the stairs.  Being the faster of the two I darted to the top, all four legs splayed out in panic. Not a second later the woman burst through me, through my body, without any difficulty, shutting the door which passed through me as well.  I grasped at my chest, feeling like my spine had been pulled out and danced around as a joke as people and things and passed through it.

“Ohh, that was not alright.” I spat out, trying to regain myself and get a grasp on the situation.  The woman scrambled about the house, picking up her daughter grabbing the phone; a business card in hand.  I darted to the couch, sitting behind it as she stared angrily at the basement door, waiting for the person on the other end to pick up.

“Yeah. Hey. It’s Katherine, from the house you said was all purified and free of whatever the fuck just threw a laundry basket at my wall? Yeah? Mm-hmm?” The angel!   

“Hey! Heeey!” I spoke calmly to the lady, resting my front portion on the couch. She ignored me altogether, so I spoke louder, “HEY! WAIT!”

She continued to look at the door and speak quickly to the priest on the phone. I needed to get her attention somehow, and prove I wasn’t a problem anymore. At least so I wouldn’t have to go through the pain and planned decapitation like I had done earlier.  Next to her now, I spoke like I would to a deaf grandmother.

“HEY! YOU!”  Even next to her ear, she didn’t hear it. I tried for broke, scream/yelling at the top of my lungs. “HEY!”

She stopped, eyes wide and bewildered, head thrashing side to side before cradling the phone in both hands. The child slipped down to the floor, grabbing onto her mother carefully. She stared at me and smiled, waving.  A little put off, I waved back.

   “Did you hear that!?” I could hear the priest babbling something on the other end. No doubt the angel was probably there as well. “I… I just heard something, like a squeak.” She looked around some more, looking down at the kid, still waving at me. “yes, hi honey”

I leaned back on my haunches, confused. A squeak? I sounded like a drunken man in the snow, in my ears. Least it was pretty obvious that she didn’t get my apology; that the stares, the looks, the ironic placement of herself looking in my direction meant that she couldn’t see me, and unless I went around screaming at the top of my lungs like a spoiled brat, she couldn’t hear me as well. Something of a relief.

“Here, let me put the phone to the air, see if you can hear it too.” She put the receiver far  in front of her, looking around paranoid in the mean time.  Anxiously, I ran up to it, putting my reptilian ear to the phone.

“Listen you little shit!” It was the angel’s voice on the other end, the sound of the phone changing hands. “I know you can hear me! I know it’s you!”

I laughed at the receiver, antagonizing him.  His tone cut up sharply, I could tell he was wringing the phone in his hands.  “Don’t think you’ve won!”

“What are you going to do?  Come over and dump some more holy soda on me? I’d like to see you try--” the woman pulled the phone away, not hearing any more sound from the living room.  She began talking to the priest about ways to keep me trapped in the basement. I wasn’t through with the angel, though.

“--- you pathetic piece of heaven-bound trash!”  I could hear some sort of angry response on his end, the mother stopping her conversation suddenly.

“Do you have a static problem on your end or something?” I laughed as she said it, sitting down in front of her.   “I need you to come out here and stick to your guarantee and ACTUALLY get this thing out of my house”

I cringed a little bit, breaking my good mood. I was still squatting in this house, and I was scaring the hell out of innocent people.  Forgot about that for a moment.

“What do you mean!? I’m not paying another 1300 dollars for you to do the job you should’ve done in the first place!  I don’t have that money. You promised no ghosts, spirits, or whatever the hell that’s haunting my laundry machine, for at least 6 months, and it’s only been a week since you “exorcised” it. Best in town my ass!” She got quiet, rubbing her temples. “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do that’s not going to cost me a small loan of money?--- mmhmm… mmhmm” She jotted down a few things; something about candles, salt, incense before I grew annoyed and looked away. I picked myself off the floor and walked, on all fours, towards the wall.

A week.  Something that felt like 5 minutes was a week.  I grumbled, disgusted with the priest/angel combo. If my spotty, Swiss cheese of a memory served me correctly the way a broken puzzle could,  that was supposed to be provided by the church, if you baked them some food or something in return.  Not give them a ridiculous amount like 1300 dollars.  The mother’s voice escalated again over the phone before she slammed down the receiver to the table.  I tilted my head at the scene, but couldn’t place why it felt off.  Shrugging, I looked back on the family.

“Thank you for having me, but I shall be on my way.” I pulled together something of a smile, my teeth jutting out from various spots on my lips while the tongue in my mouth, without purpose, dangled out the front; it was a terrible smile. Fortunate that no one could see it, but the little girl continued to wave at me every time I made eye contact, questioning if I was really invisible to everyone. “This is a strange, strange place” I muttered under my breath.  

I turned to the wall, taking a deep breath before slowly merging to and through it to the outside world.  The skies burst forth in a beautiful sunshine, birds chirping, gravestones…sitting there, an expansive sprawl of land that if turned the right direction away from the graveyards, was incredible.  I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath of air, choking on it for a moment.  Something was very wrong here.  Standing perfectly still I took in the environment, my heart sagging as it hit me. The wind; I couldn’t feel it- the sun? I could see it, but not feel the warmth. The smell was the same as in the house as it was in the ground. The senses I could see, but couldn’t interact with. Taking a few steps, my will began to dwindle as I moved no grass, and made no footsteps.

Yet here I was busting through walls and jumping on laundry baskets. None of it made a lick of sense.

My head drooped down; I didn’t seem to have a difficult time with the fact I was dead; more then that, that people couldn’t see and hear me, save the other supernatural beings on my same level.  I felt crushed, lifeless, almost that the world around me, the one stretched so thin, didn’t exist with me.  I could hear the birds, I could hear the wind, but it felt like I sat in a glass cube, unable to feel anything. It scared me more then the decapitation, more then the blade covered in gold dust.  It was a serious drag.

Something ruptured in me for a moment, a slip of panic. I ran full tilt, like the way a four-legged animal/demon/dinosaur thing should, stretching out farther and farther to get away from the house. The adrenaline, the power, the wild feeling of freedom almost compensated for the lack of connection I had to the world, pulling away from my cube of reality. I looked to the sky, beautiful as it had even been, clouds skating across a new morning. I began to grin when I hit the ground hard. Wheezing, looking around for the person or thing that did this to me that interrupted my attempt at tranquility, finding no one in sight.  Slowly, confused, I tried to take another step away, my left back ankle snagging in mid-air with a sickening jolt. I turned to it, finding my ankles both chained, a link coming out between where my Achilles heel and the bones in my foot.

“Ohhh no.”  I tried taking another desperate step, seeing the links rise up, coasting back towards the house like I had been roped and staked down. “No no nonononoo”

I began to pull harder, more frantically, throwing myself at the barrier that threw me to the ground again and again.  I dung into the ground, angrier and angrier with my situation, tearing up the grass at the edge of my range, throwing myself against the links over and over. I was stuck here? For some reason, the thought never crossed my mind. I just figured I’d walk out and wander around, at least experience things, but getting stuck here, that I was now tied to this house?

“Dammit!” I shouted, pulling to the left and making a large arc; chains whirring as they swept over the top of the grass.   I put all my force into it, madly intent on either pulling away from this house, or pulling off my feet and being unable to walk any longer. Gritting hard, I pulled and wept for inches of gain, wept for any movement at all before the chains snapped me back towards the house, still tethered like any other wandering spirit.  With unbridled frustration I yelled to the air; the call swept in a low, haunting sound.
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Alright. Yes. Another one. I'm on a roll. Finally, i can start to drop the freaking robot thing, where I'm intentionally making the main character monotone and unemotional until it starts to gain some expirence under her belt, and you'll all figure things out eventually.

If you wanna get me a birthday present? Read it.

If you wanna make my christmas as well? Let me know what you think.

I know stories are a bitch to read, and if you're not in the mood, you're like "fff, fuck that" trust me. But it's been a long effin time since i've written anything serious like this, and i'm curious to see if i'm slipping. It kinda feels like I am. I know there are some discrepencies like moving the physical world, then suddenly not moving it, it gets explained. I've taken 3 years to think the whole thing through. :D

Top picture is Neri, eventually named, the main character. I like my new design :V
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